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At the Awakening Lab we offer you an eclectic range of classes & sessions* that all revolve around ONE point  - BEING PRESENT. Please note that the timetable is still a work in progress and that we have more exciting sessions in the making as we speak, Thank you!

WAKE ME UP - $18 pp

The Wake Me Up class is your 60 minutes of "Yangness". A Boost Session that will not only leave you feeling "exercised" & "elasticised" but also energised for the day!

ZEN BREAKS - $11 pp

The Zen Breaks have been designed to offer you an "Unplug & Reboot Moment" right in the middle of your day. The Breaks consist of 45 minutes of pure relaxation with a combination of gentle movements and rejuvenating frequencies playing in the background. Come AS YOU ARE, no need to change into sweat pants.

SLOW ME DOWN - $18 pp

The Slow Me Down class is your 60 minutes of "Yinness". A restorative flow combining prolonged stretches & mindful breathing both at the same time. A great way to consciously unwind & wash away the day...


Chris from Chris in the Raw, Reiki Master with 20 years of experience, uses Tibetan Singing Bowls and Solfeggio tuning forks to move through the Aura administering the correct frequencies to help restore balance and harmony.
This session will make you feel relaxed yet energised. The vibrations of the bowls will nurture your soul and reboot your entire Being.

More to Come...

Life is a Movement,

Embrace its Shape and Dance with it.

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