Themed Retreats

Our Themed Retreats have been designed for any Beings (Male or Female) who wish to dis-connect in order to re-connect. The flow of our retreats is a gentle mix between relaxation & interaction, as we invite you to Unplug, Declutter and Reboot your entire Being in a small group of people. If you feel the time has come for some meaningful change in your life, click on the "More Info" buttons below and let the magic begin... 

For a Happier & More Connected 


  • Wed, Mar 31
    Geraldton, WA
    Reboot Retreat For Men
    Escape & Rejuvenate with this transformative Reboot Retreat For Men. Because yes, Men can also take some time for themselves to Unplug, Detox & Reboot (with or without Yoga pants).
  • Oct 2020
    Bali, Indonesia
    Mother & Daughter Retreat
    The Mother & Daughter Retreat has been designed for any parent/child who wishes to connect & share at a deeper level.

Can't Decide Which One?

Here is some info that might help you make your decision


The Men Reboot Retreat Is For You If:

  • You are a MAN, full stop.

  • You feel overworked, stressed out and wish to disconnect in order to reconnect

  • You know the time for some change has come but have no idea where to start or how to do it


The Mother + Daughter Retreat Is For You If:

  • You are the mother of an 18 year old+ girl

  • You are an 18 year old+ girl and have a mother

  • You wish to spend some quality time with your parent/child and connect at a deeper level

  • We are running themed retreats three times a year, in small groups and with no Yoga or Meditation skills requirements. Although some things might change from one retreat to the other, the general flow will basically remain the same and will allow you to experience the beauty & efficiency of our 3 Wakeup-Steps Method of UN-learning, DE-cluttering and RE-booting your entire Being. Gentle exercises, wholesome foods, workshops, outdoor activities, free-time and so much more.

  • Our retreats are being held either here in Western Australia or on our favourite island off shore Bali, or in the beautiful region of Auvergne, France. And as we know how important it can be to feel at home away from home, we will always endeavour to find the ideal accommodation and location for you. We personally love Western Australia and always enjoy a little escape either down south of Perth or in Jurien Bay. But we also have a "special spot" for a picturesque island off shore Bali where we have the chance to be partnering up with an amazing woman who offers outstanding accomodation & hospitality services. Have a look below to see what awaits you...

Your Cocoon in Bali




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