We've all asked ourselves these questions at least once in our lives. Some of us actually think about it every day, others do not even think that there is something to talk about. In any cases, some form of Thought is here.


Basically, the essence you were born with is made of pure unconditioned Consciousness. It is a bundle of Energy & Information, boundless and free of all judgments & preconceived ideas. It does not define you as good or bad, worthy or unworthy, beautiful or ugly. IT just IS.

This "IT" is the Self, your TRUE Self, also called sometimes the Higher Self. But whatever noun you wish to use, what matters is that it is judgement-free, critic-free, meanness free, (Brenda: "Gluten-free? Because me and Gluten eerr..). No it is not GF Brenda, but it definitely is negativity-free, and more importantly, it is full of Love, Compassion, Trust, Creativity, Intelligence and POTENTIALITY...

Sounds amazing doesn't it? Feeling like you could use some of that Jazz, don't you?

Well guess what, YOU CAN. You can go back to this Source anytime, anywhere you want, because it is right here, inside of you, all around you. It is YOU.


Realising the purpose/meaning/essence of oneself is like turning on a switch, lifting up a veil, breaking up a lock. It is something that can happen gradually during the course of a life, or more "spontaneously" (or so it seems) at one point during the course of our existence. Either way, it is like looking at things from a different angle or from a distance. It feels like one is seeing things for the first time, like seeing the reality for what it truly is.

In order for it to happen, one needs to first realise that all the thoughts, desires, needs & wants they have acquired along the years, are a product of conditioning ("Not conditioner Brenda, conditioNING"). Education, Society, Peers & Co have all participated in the shaping of the thoughts that are passing through your mind in a continuous flow, all day long...

These thoughts are sitting so deeply in our roots that we identify with them and think they are us. But they are not.

Let's look at things from the following angle for a sec...

Try to think of your original self as a seed. A beautiful, untouched, OGM-free seed, planted in the soil of Mother Earth. As life unfolds, the seed evolves and starts growing into a tree. At the same time though, some weeds also start growing right next to the tree's roots. They are so close to you that they start crawling their way around your trunk, around your branches, to the point where they encapsulate your whole structure...

The weeds are so attached to the tree, that they look like they are part of it, that they belong to it. The tree and the weeds look like they are one & the same. In appearance they are, but fundamentally, only the tree is really existing as a tree. The rest is just weeds that would never be able to grow upwards if the tree wasn't there. Weeds that have been taking on the tree's energy for all these years, and as a result, have been "pulling the tree down", stopping it from growing faster & stronger. Stopping it from letting its True/Tree Essence shine through.

But then one day, the tree sees its own reflection in a puddle on the ground and it notices that something is quite not "right". It realises that the weeds attached to its trunk, which it always believed to be part of itself, had in fact been crawling their way up, in & around its structure, and "merged" into its being. It realises that they had been feeding off its juice this whole time, slowing down its growth in the process.

As soon as the tree starts seeing through the disguise of the weeds, its state of new awareness naturally helps it to get rid of the weeds and to liberate itself in the process. It was as if the tree was born again - as if a new sole/soul tree had emerged after outgrowing the ties that were holding it back down. The tree finds its way back to its pure essence, it can breathe again and grow on its own. It realises the potential that was/is inherent to its true nature, the strength that it had been empowered with, right from the start, right from when it was just a tiny little seed.

We were all a Seed, originally. And we all have inside of us, this "hidden" potential of growing a Strong Powerful Human Being, free of all "parasites".

You have to TRUST that this POTENTIAL is here. You KNOW it is here. You simply Forgot about it. Time has come to REMEMBER.


In a walnut-shell, Human beings are a mini replica of a pure, invisible, ineffable, and unconditioned Consciousness. They have an individuated Mind, Body, Intellect, Mental faculties (hopefully), and an I-sense/Ego, all of this being ruled/veiled by past & present conditioning.

Human beings are therefore a conditioned individuated manifestation of the pure unconditioned Consciousness. Which means that ultimately they emanated from the latter and manifested into the former. And what do we do with all that? Good question. Well, in short (very short), we are here to re-discover our True Self. The Self which sits deeply into your roots. The Self which IS your roots.

We are an Unlimited Source of Potentiality which is begging to be unleashed and expressed to its fullest in order to serve the greater good of Humanity.

"To Be” is the purpose. YOU are the object that needs ATTENTION. YOU are the PURPOSE.

This realisation brings Liberation from sufferings & struggles. It brings Peace of Mind & Confidence in Life. Let IT embrace you. Let IT shine through you.

Easier said than done you might say? Not really, because truth be told, there is no magical nor extra-ordinary phenomenon to accomplish in order to reach back to the "Source". A silent look inside will lead you there. The keys to the Chamber of Secrets are right here, inside of us. So what are you waiting for? Go and find them :)

Listening to your Heart will always take you closer to

Your True Self.

The Song: "Spirit Bird" by Xavier Rudd


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