• Aline


Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Physical Pain, what an interesting little thing you are. Who invented you again? Obviously someone with a great sense of humour... NOT. So why are you here again? And why do you keep on coming back? Surely you must have a good reason, right? Please just tell me that you do...

If Mr Pain could talk

If Mr Pain could talk it would probably say something along the lines of: "You didn't have enough of that back pain? Here, have a bit of shoulder ache with that" Yes, Physical pain shows up in all of us, sometimes in a subtle way and some other times in a less subtle way... For some it might be on a daily basis, for others it comes up chronically, as if on a schedule that only IT can follow, and sometimes, IT just comes out of the blue without any warning (or so it seems), and BANG! "Take that sharp & debilitating pain in your lower back brother. Are we awake now?" Yes, if Mr Pain could talk, that's basically what it would say to you - are we Awake yet? Are we finally willing to face the root of that "Pain"??

Physical Pain Serves a Purpose

Oh yes it does and a great one actually - it is here to help. To what now?? Yes, no matter how insane this might sound to you right now, know that physical pain is not a little villain who comes to make your life (and those around you) miserable. No, physical pain is here to speak to us. See, the subconscious mind doesn't have any verbal ways to express its knowledge, only the conscious mind does, through our words. So, depleted from proper means of communication, the subconscious mind decided to utilise the body in order to express and manifest in the world of matter its thoughts & insights. Couldn't it just send a text you may ask? Yes it could have, but the truth is, until it really hurts or diminishes our abilities, we, human beings, won't take the time to stop and assess. And even then, we may not give our pains the full attention they truly deserve. Because until we realise the pain is here to tell us something, we will keep on ignoring it, rejecting it, fuelling it with our resistance, and it will keep on coming back, until we address it and finally cut its roots.

Kissing Physical Pain Goodbye

Living with chronic pain should not become a fatality. It does not have to be part of your daily life any longer. You can make your reality change. Yes, you can. And we're not just throwing some cute but unrealistic words up in the air. We are actually saying this based o