Barbara is a beautiful being from Croatia, who carries around with her a bundle of energy & smiles that will melt your heart and warm your soul. She is sharing with us today her relationship with silence & stillness... May her words inspire us all! Thank you B.


I came out of my little, tiny shell and I took a step into the unknown. I opened my eyes and I saw this chaotic, scary, overwhelming at times, yet beautiful, magical place called the world. Although, I have been part of it for so many years I never had the courage to look at it with my opened eyes, to feel it with presence, willing to experience it with all my senses. Different languages, cultures, different perspective, so many colours, so many things happening. Good, evil, happiness, sadness, solitude, peacefulness, loneliness, friendship, attachment, detachment, remoteness, silence, noise, love, love, so much love. That led me to one of the most liberating, easily-understandable, practical meditation technique - Vipassana.  Vipassana was discovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago and it was taught by him for many many years. The Buddha had many followers who were, or still are, teaching the technique on his behalf. I have recently completed a 10 day Vipassana course in one of S.N. Goenka’s centres as a student, plus I completed two 10-day courses as a server.

S.N. Goenka is one of Buddha’s followers. He is a great teacher and a wonderful man whom I will be grateful for knowing this technique ‘til the rest of my life. He passed away in 2013 but his teachings (i.e., the Buddha's) are still alive, as he left lots of his recordings behind. He has written many Dhamma (Vipassana) books and there are also many books from other authors. If you’re willing to read about it before or even after attending the course, here are some books I recommend: