The M&M Routine

Do you feel like your mornings are slipping away from you? That you never manage to do anything that you had so well planned in your head the night before? Well, what about we get out the window these limiting ideas about what you can and can't do, and we create you a brand new M&M routine now!

What's an M&M routine?

It's a Mindful Morning routine. Finding some time to have one might seem like an impossible task, especially if you have kids, a dog, a partner, a life etc. But guess what? It isn't (impossible). It might require one or two adjustments, but we can assure you that it will be a hundred times worth it. So no "Buts", no "I don't have time" or "the right yoga pants", none of that is receivable in the court of Awakenings, sorry. We can all make time, it is a matter of choice. As for the pants, well, none of that is required in our practical and easy M&M routine!

Now before describing the M&M ritual, let's get down to its ground rules first, shall we?

#1 Make it Offical

Make it official and put the routine down on paper in black & white, and have it somewhere visible when you wake up (at least at the beginning). This will help you with all the "Pass" temptations you may have.

#2 Drop the Tech

We know this might be hard, but we beg you to try and not look at any devices until you are finished with your Body & Mind routine. This way you will avoid to fill your head with extra tasks, thoughts and emotions.

#3 Start Small

Tiny changes breed success. Five slow deep breaths, one sentence in a journal, a few minutes in nature, one intention - this is how you can ensure that you take the first steps and stick with them. Start small and grow into it.

#4 Track your Progress

For some it might be very helpful to keep track of their progress, a bit like when you're on a diet and want to motivate yourself - "Today, I only ate 3 cookies vs 5 yesterday - well done Me!". So if you feel that this technique might help you to keep the momentum going, do it. Tick off the days when you did the routine and maybe try to increase its duration every now and then.

The 15 min M&M Routine (shower included)

So here is what your Mindful morning routine would look like:

  • Sit and breathe for 2 mins

  • Gentle Stretches for 3 mins

  • Shower for 5 mins

  • Loving kindness Meditation for 2 mins

  • Step outside and listen to nature for 3 mins

Thank you for taking the time to read this ;)

Love from The Team