Portrait Series with Marie Menaha

WaterProof Life Mentor & PowerWomum Marie was also one of the survivors of the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. For many years, she helped multi-million euros companies to thrive in their field. Today she is a Strategist, Numerologist & Speaker for any soul who wishes to expand!

Hello Marie & Thank you so much for participating in our Portrait Series!

Q1. How’s your day been so far? Do you have a morning routine or are you more a “going with the flow” type of person? 

M: I feel amazing! And I'm definitely a "Go with the flow" type of person ;)

Q2. Where did you grow up and what was your favourite activity as a kid? Were you a monkey-tree-climber? A dolphin-ocean-swimmer? Or a cat-couch-dreamer?

M: I grew up in the suburbs of Paris. I've always loved reading because it can take you anywhere, so I would say that I am more a Monkey Tree Dreamer :)

Q3. If you had to describe the human body in ONE sentence, what would it be? 

M: If I had to describe the human body in one sentence, I would say "we have a wonderful, incredible and precise body: when you see a body at a specific moment, it gives you, by its unique and own language, the forecast of life". (Us: longest sentence ever ;p)

Q4. How would you describe your awakening journey? Was there a major turning point in your life (a big HAAA moment) or would you say it was more a series of realisations along the way?

M: Yes, there were severals... I feel that life always pushed me to the next level without realising that I was ready. One of those turnaround moments/realisations was the Tsunami in Pukhet. I had so much anger and sadness from "losing" my dad... When I was caught by the wave, I had the choice to leave everything that was creating these emotions and die, or live and be grateful for this existence and being able to make a change for myself, others and the world.

The second major turnaround happened not so long ago, as I was experiencing difficult times at work with the new management. This whole experience made me see things from a very different angle and allowed me to start my own business as a Mentor.

Q5. How/When did Spirituality enter your Life?

M: I've always been in touch with spirituality. I remember when I was 8, lying down in my bed and talking to the universe :) Having a meaningful life, a joyful job helps you to help others. Being myself, helps me to impact positively those around me. There is a great saying that goes: "Our human nature doesn't like nothingness. Either we let the external circumstances dictate our life and then fear sets in. Or we nurture our inner world, and then Love springs out!"

Q6. What is your take on emotions and physical pain? Anything you’ve observed along the years and/or experienced within yourself?

M: The human body doesn't like to suffer, but suffering can be a "gift". If we experience pain at a specific point, in a specific way, that means there is an underlying message there. The body uses the pain to pass on a message. Through different experiences, I came to the realisation that my emotions are a great compass to let me know what issues I am facing.

Q7. If you were a Yoga pose, which one would you be and why? (Not necessarily one you are comfortable with, but the pose that resonates the most with your being/your story)

M: I would be Warrior II - to be anchored, looking forward with determination and will.

Q8. If you could give your 20 year old self an advice about Life and/or the Body, what would it be?

M: People often say "follow your intuition, listen to your heart, don't care what others are thinking about you..." etc, but when you are a teenager, it is not so clear as to how interpret that. So I think that I would ask my 20 year old self these questions: Do you feel in harmony with your body? Are you healthy? Do you feel harmony in your mind? Are you peaceful, joyful? Are you in tune with your emotions? Are you empathic, compassionate? Is your life harmonious? Are you happy?

Q9. If you had one minute with your future self, what question would you like to ask him?

M: "What wise advice would you give me to shine like a shooting star?"