Portrait Series with Harmony Chynoweth

Harmony is a Yoga teacher & Mentor whose soul purpose is to inspire busy professionals & beings to follow their dreams and empower them to live their best balanced Life!

Hello Harmony! Thank you so much for playing our little game of questioning ;) We very much resonate with what you do and it is a pleasure to have you participate in our Portrait Series!

Q1. How’s your day been so far? Do you have a morning routine or are you more a “going with the flow” type of person? 

H: Today was busy but at the same time I tried to take a break from thinking about work as I’ve been just running from one thought to the next and activities lately! So, I enjoyed a pilates class for something different, then a walk & coffee, a brief trip to the beach followed by lots of procrastination. I’m constantly seeking a better way to do routine lol I’ve never really been a morning person, or so I thought. But what I have discovered is that I actually just work better when I spend the first few hours doing what I love, not what I have to!

I’m also a Libra and the queen of procrastination when thoughts are running wild! So, I guess I work best when I go with the flow haha.

My morning currently looks (roughly) like this…

  1. Wake up, drink celery juice whilst getting dressed.

  2. Go to yoga class and/or have a beach walk & swim

  3. Breakfast, shower then I’m ready for the day! 😊

Q2. Where did you grow up and what was your favourite activity as a kid? Were you a monkey-tree-climber? A dolphin-ocean-swimmer? Or a cat-couch-dreamer?

H: I grew up in the South Eastern Suburbs of Victoria with my parents and 3 siblings, 2 brothers & a sister. As a kid I loved ballet & gymnastics and we we’re all obsessed with the beach, still are! We used to go to Phillip Island as kids and stay at my grandparents and we would boogie board for hours on end every day at Smiths Beach for the whole summer.

Q3. If you had to describe the human body in ONE sentence, what would it be? 

H: The most amazing vessel ever created!

Q4. How would you describe your awakening journey? Was there a major turning point in your life (a big HAAA moment) or would you say it was more a series of realisations along the way?

H: It took a long time to work out what was happening, but I actually burnt myself out with my previous career in retail and it caused me to find this “yogic” path. I recently wrote my first blog about it actually coincidently named “the Awakening”.

Q5. How/When did Yoga enter your Life?

H: I had been to the odd yoga class here and there at gyms and then on fitness retreats with @Activeescapes where the lovely co-owner Ali Conlan was our teacher every day. I remember my first evening yoga class with her was so moving - I just cried. I couldn’t talk after and I knew it was a special gift to be able to teach and to have a regular practice. I continued on and off after that but when I hit the road full time around Australia, I just needed it more than ever. I mainly used Amanda Bisk’s app Fit Body Fit Mind, until this year when I became a teacher.

Q6. What is your take on emotions and physical pain? Anything you’ve observed along your years as a Yoga teacher and/or experienced within yourself?

H: Oooh great question... Here’s where the body truly fascinates me! I never really was consciously aware of how it’s all integrated or at least to what depth. I guess how connected the physical body is with the emotional body, kind of still feels like a new concept in some ways. I’m still learning lessons of what it looks and feels like and how to process it when something comes up. For example, when chatting with someone a few months back I was describing a sadness feeling and it wasn’t until I was asked where I could feel it that I realised my throat had felt tight for a week. Yes, there was a sadness in the heart too but a pain in the throat. Later discovering that in that situation I was holding back what I wanted to say, hence the blockage in the throat chakra. The thought that an emotion can have such an impact that you physically can’t speak, is mind-blowing really. Same as now I can recognise when my anxiousness is creeping in by my own body behaviours that kick in all on their own.

Q7. If you were a Yoga pose, which one would you be and why? (Not necessarily one you are comfortable with, but the pose that resonates the most with your being/your story)

H: Tough question but I’ll go with what came to mind first… Virabhadrasana II. I guess I’ve always felt like a warrior. I stand on my own and I take whatever is thrown at me and I just get through it. I don’t accept mediocracy and I’m always willing to support others. Not sure I would cut off someone’s head though hence I didn’t say Virabhadrasana III hahaha! Well not unless someone’s life was in danger then who knows!

Q8. If you could give your 20 year old self an advice about Life and/or the Body, what would it be?