Updated: Mar 24

Harmony is a Yoga teacher & Mentor whose soul purpose is to inspire busy professionals & beings to follow their dreams and empower them to live their best balanced Life!

Hello Harmony! Thank you so much for playing our little game of questioning ;) We very much resonate with what you do and it is a pleasure to have you participate in our Portrait Series!

Q1. How’s your day been so far? Do you have a morning routine or are you more a “going with the flow” type of person? 

H: Today was busy but at the same time I tried to take a break from thinking about work as I’ve been just running from one thought to the next and activities lately! So, I enjoyed a pilates class for something different, then a walk & coffee, a brief trip to the beach followed by lots of procrastination. I’m constantly seeking a better way to do routine lol I’ve never really been a morning person, or so I thought. But what I have discovered is that I actually just work better when I spend the first few hours doing