British with a quarter of Greekness, Emily was born in Peterborough with a good splash of olive oil in her genes and a good dose of "Earthianity" under her sleeves! Emily is a beautiful human being, whose existence on this planet took a sharp turn a year ago as she suddenly awoke to the realisation that "there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing". I met Emily two months ago, in Crete - a magical soul's sisters' encounter - just the way Life knows to master. I am very pleased to be sharing with you today a piece of poetry by my dear & sweet Emily ;)

Laid in bed, thoughts whirling round my head I’ll get up, write a poem instead

Beautiful Mother Earth What does she deserve Love, care and attention

Oh god, not bloody Extinction Rebellion! All these people, trying to save the world Boring, how many times do I have to be told? As many as it will take, until you finally WAKE!

How can you hate on Greta, an inspiration All she does is fight For the BETTER Utter madness, to fight for this world Why would you do that? Because there isn’t another That’s a fact

Please WAKE UP Don’t let the fat greedy f***s, keep filling THEIR cup

They don’t see what the world & the planet need Their eyes are too full of money, power and greed Whilst they watch the Earth bleed There isn’t a plaster big enough I mean she’s tough but not that tough


Please show her some love Don’t hate on those who care and protest They only want her very best It may be of inconvenience to your day But climate crisis isn’t gonna move out your way

We have power, lungs and a voice Don’t listen to the noise, designed to make you forget The needs of Mother Earth that have to be met

She’s losing her prime, she’s yours She’s mine, don’t think she will be fine She needs us, we need you Let’s unite, face the fight, do what’s right

There is a chance of healing in sight But we really do need to gather and unite Stand firm, with all our might

It’s not impossible, climate crisis is stoppable I hope this poem is not like a red rag to a bull But somehow forms the much needed Call!

Of earth defenders, please don’t be a pretender Mother Earth is precious, so loveable Please join the call

Don’t let the words “climate crisis” be omnipresent Use the power of your great descent You came to earth for a reason Dig deep, you know what to believe in Every little does help Don’t let the ice melt, let love and light be felt

We are all connected Mother Earth should be protected Those who have the most power, to implement substantial change

Are blinded and unconscious, They have lost their soul in the ugly black hole Through the money, power and greed role

But none of that will save the planet They just want you to be a magnet To the system, to the cycle To join them in the whole, horrid debacle That only THEY gain, you are NOT the same!

Please WAKE UP Don’t help them fill THEIR cup

Fill YOURS Fight for the RIGHT cause As we cannot press pause

We have to make them listen From our own empowering system Where the world begins to glisten One to be proud Come join the crowd

I’ll shout “EXTINCTION” You'll shout “REBELLION”