• Aline


Updated: May 4, 2020

We’ve all heard a thousand times that working at a computer all day long is far from being ideal for your body, and who wouldn't agree with that? Hmm... us? Well, only half disagree anyway. Let us explain...

Wrong Body Position or Wrong Job Position?

Yes, sitting all day in front of a screen is definitely not ideal for anybody, and one should obviously be careful to avoid any strange postures while staring at a laptop or any other hypnotic devices. And yes, more & more people are believed to be suffering from what we call Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). An injury that comes as a result of repetitive movements or of holding the same position for a long period of time. The most common types of RSI are tendinitis & bursitis, and of course let's not forget the good old lower back pain. Those pains are commonly explained by the physical activity, or lack of, as well as the positions we are taking in our daily lives, which to the human conditioned mind & eye, seems very fair and logical.

BUUUT, because there is a but (and a big one), has it ever occurred to you that maybe, those pains have more to do with the position you are taking towards this life rather than the position your body is actually taking on a daily basis? And that the real position that needs to be changed isn't the one your Body is taking, but the one your entire Being is occupying...? Yes, this would be hard to swallow, we know. But we also know for a fact that this realisation is, without a doubt, the shift in awareness that will most definitely help you to move forward with your pains and your life altogether.

BUUUT (again), we also know that we can't all change jobs in the flick of an eye - or can we...? - hell yeah we can! But that requires mindful thinking and some sort of "vision", which is another story altogether. So before we get onto that, and because we do have to deal with the physical pain that stops us from being fully operational on a daily basis, we are going to give you a quick recap of the ABCs of good positioning while working at a desk.

One straight back coming right up!