There is a field of science that not many people know about, and many scientists haven’t had the experience of, to make informed comments. Many people not familiar with intelligence existing beyond primates will dismiss it, even ridicule it as they do the meaning in children’s stories, shamanism, animalism or even quantum science. But could an understanding of plant intelligence change attitudes and behaviour towards plants?


For some it may threaten their justification of their current actions so they need to hang onto their own ‘truth’. But there is an area called Plant Intelligence. Plants can learn, have memory and are intelligent, however the mechanism is different to that in humans. They do not have brains or neurons.

My interest in plant communication was stimulated when I became a Treesister and met Ellen who could communicate with trees, especially the Redwoods. Ellen spent days at a time hiking and sitting with the Redwoods. They provided her with great insights into navigating our turbulent world. Ellen Dee Davidson’s book ‘Wild Path to the Sacred Heart’ provides an amazing insight into her experiences. She shone a light on a path for me. If we follow our hearts we too can have greater connection with Nature.