It's Conditioning Brenda, not Conditioner...

Although those two words sound very much alike and both have the same sticky consistency, today's topic is definitely not about hair products but about Life patterns, and the more than questionable "choices" we are sometimes subconsciously conditioned to make.

What if I told you that you have been sleep-living?

I don't mean sleeping as in “snoring sleeping” of course, but being asleep as in "Not having your eyes completely open" asleep. What if I told you that you have been experiencing a reality clouded by millennia of preconceived ideas & conditioning, and that Life as you know it, the life that you thought you had all figured out, is actually not the top notch version of what you could experience? What if I told you that somehow, there is a veil in front of your eyes which is blurring your vision? A veil that keeps you hidden in the shadows of your enlightening 'Brightness'...

You wouldn't probably like it, I know. And you would probably tell me that I am the one who is dreaming. And I would say "fair enough", never believe what people say anyway. But let's talk about it a bit further, shall we.

When nurture overpowers nature & creates chaos

Human beings are a mini replica of pure, invisible, ineffable & unconditioned Consciousness. They act as a conduit for this Force to experience itself in the matter. As you come into this world, you are full of potentiality & promises. But then humanisation happens... or should we say, the crazy loop of conditionality kicks in, creating in its wake multiple layers of thick & sticky elements on the surface of your true Self.

As Humans Beings develop an individuated Mind, the Ego-Self (or 'I-sense') emerges. Let's call this phenomenon Bob. Bob is the intrinsic urge from Nature that creates a sense of separateness. Separateness from the Source and ultimately separateness from your true Self. It happens to all of us. Bob sucks and sticks to us. But the good news is, Bob is rinsable. You might have to rinse it more than once, but you will get it off eventually :)

Let's think of yourself as a portrait for a minute - as you arrived on this planet you were a blank & untouched canvas. As life went by, Society, your parents, your peers as well as your unique cosmic baggage, all participated in the colouring of your canvas. Year after year, they applied on you different coats of paint & varnish (i.e., conditioning). They applied a multitude of layers on your canvas which ultimately led you to identify with the portrait they designed for you up until this day. But can we then say this portrait is the real YOU...? No, of course not.

The real you lies behind all those layers of paint. The real you is the original untouched blank canvas. The real You is the pure unconditioned form which emanated from the pure unconditioned Consciousness. And in order to find your way back to it, you need to start removing the layers of paint. One by one. One conscious breath at a time.

So how do we actually remove those layers?

By questioning the “Reality” you have been living in so far. By asking the Why's & How's of your life's experiences & beliefs. For instance, do you really think that as a young child you were thinking about having a big house, or a fancy car, or that you were thinking that you were not good enough? No, of course not. These ideas came from your parents, society, peers etc. They came from the thoughts & words of others and they had an impact on you because you started to BELIEVE in them. We all do that. We all get trapped in this process of conditioning. Human minds pollute each others' reality by apposing judgments and by creating limiting beliefs.

As you become aware of the existence of this conditioning and phenomena, you start doubting everything and you realise that the thoughts, the emotions, the ideas you had thought as yours and were holding onto for all these years, were in fact "encoded data" implanted inside of you from the moment other human beings started to speak to you and super-imposed on you their thoughts & beliefs. There is no judgment as to whether those ideas & concepts are right or wrong. There is simply an acknowledgement that they are here, as a part of your conditioned structure, and that, fundamentally, they are not the essence of who and what you are.

As a human being drops the layers of blinding beliefs, a World of Ancient Knowledge & Memories comes back to Life.

~ Wake up to Life.

As you start peeling off those layers, you will simultaneously lift up the veil that has been blinding your judgment and limiting your expansion for all these years. You will organically reconnect with the essence of what you truly are - this ineffable source of awareness associated with your true Self.

Once this process of "deconstruction" has been initiated, you will also realise that it is entirely UP TO YOU to become the painter of your Own Portrait. You will clearly see that you can create your canvas, choose your colours and design the outlines of your Life, just the way you want it, and as many times as you please.

Question Everything you think you know about your Reality, and you will start to uncover Your True Beauty.