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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Although these two words sound very much alike and both have the same sticky consistency, today's topic is definitely not about hair products but about Life patterns, and the "debatable" choices we are sometimes subconsciously conditioned to make. But obviously, we can also talk about your debatable(?) Hair style choices and how to prevent them from happening ever again ;p


I don't mean asleep as in “snoring asleep” of course, but asleep as in "Not having your eyes completely open" asleep. What if I told you that you have been experiencing a reality clouded by millennia of preconceived ideas & conditioning, and that Life as you know it, the life that you thought you had all figured out, is actually not the top notch version of what you could experience? What if I told you that somehow, there is a veil in front of your eyes which is blurring your vision? A veil that keeps you in the shadows of your own 'Brightness'...

You wouldn't probably like it, I know. And you would probably give me the "You're f*** dreamin lady'! treatment. Which is fair enough, but.......... what about we talk about it first, shall we? :)


Human beings are a mini replica of a pure, invisible, ineffable & unconditioned Consciousness.

As we come into this world, we are the equivalent of an untouched blank canvas, full of potentiality & promises. But then Life happens... or should we say, the crazy loop of conditionality kicks in and with it a shit load of "shit stuff " surfaces.

As Humans Beings develop an individuated Mind, the Ego-Self (or 'I-sense') emerges. Let's call this phenomenon Bob. Bob is the intrinsic urge of Nature that creates a sense of separateness. Separatness from the Source and ultimately separatness from your true Self. It happens to all of us. Bob sucks and sticks to us. But the good news is, Bob is rinsable. You might have to rinse it more than once, but you will get it off eventually :)

Let's think of yourself as a portrait for a minute - as you arrive on this planet you were a blank & untouched canvas. But as life goes by, Society, your parents, your peers & cosmic baggage participated in the colouring of your canvas. Year after year, they applied on you different coats of paint & varnish (i.e., conditioning). They applied a multitude of layers that ultimately turned you into the painting/portrait that you are today. But do you really think this is the real YOU...? NO, of course not.

The real you lies behind all those layers of paint. The real you is the original untouched blank canvas. The real You is the pure unconditioned form which emanated from the pure unconditioned Consciousness. And in order to find your way back to it, you simply need to remove the layers of paint.

By removing the veil of this conditioning, one will reconcile/reconnect with the pure essence of the being, with the true Self. Once it is done, it is entirely UP TO YOU to become the Painter of your Own Portrait.

No matter what happens in Life, know that the blank canvas will always be here in the background, ALWAYS. It might be buried under a thick layer of Acrylic British Paint, but it is still here. An Adult is only an aged & coated version of a pure Child. And you can go back to it anytime.

You might age chronologically and your body might change in the process, but there will always be "Something" that will NEVER change, and this something is the Inner Intelligence which sits inside of you. This Timeless & Ageless piece of Consciousness which is your True Essence.


Very Cliché Scenario and Yet...

  • A Kid to his Dad:Why are you working so hard all the time dad?

  • The Dad: To make money.

  • The Kid: But why do you want to make that much money?

  • The Dad: To buy a big house.

  • The Kid: But Why do you want such a big house?

  • The Dad: I don't know, To be happy?

  • The Kid: What's being happy?

  • The Dad: ........ .


Three simple words, expressing a profound desire common to all human beings. Three simple words all of our hearts long for. And yet... And yet we seem to all be going so wrong about how to get there. But why?

Why do human beings struggle so much to find happiness on a daily basis?

Where do we get it so wrong?


Three basic letters, associated with the 'I-sense' or Persona and that each human being relate to. Three basic letters that will make Man Want, Need, Wish, and ultimately Suffer. Why? Because the Ego will always follow the "rules" defined by society, parents, peers & co, and drive you further and further away from true happiness - the one found in the depth of each day, the one found in the beauty of each breath.

Let's be honest for a minute - do you really think that once you have obtained that big house you so long wished for, you will then live happily ever after and be content with what you have? The answer is most likely a big fat “NO.” Why? Because another desire will come to play, and with it the suffering of its non-attainment or the fear of its loss. And this can be a never-ending process because the fulfilment of those 'Needs' only brings temporary Enjoyment, not eternal Contentment. That is if you are trapped inside the web of conditioning and believe that these external & material artefacts are the only things that can ever bring Miss Happiness into your life.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing "Baaad" about the Ego, it just needs to be understood, and somewhat mastered. And there is also nothing "Dirty" about money, it is just a piece of carbon paper after all, or energy if you prefer. But the relationship that we sometimes have with these 2 can turn them into Evil Queens.

Being Aware of what they truly are - 'TOOLS' (literally & figuratively) - THIS, is what will make the ride of Life way smoother & way more enjoyable.


Being aware of the “existence” of this conditioning, is the beginning of the change.

As you become aware of it, you will start questioning the “Reality” you have been living in so far. You will probably start to realise that the thoughts, the emotions, the ideas you had thought as yours and were holding onto for all these years, were in fact "encoded data" implanted inside of you from birth onwards. There is no judgment as to whether those ideas & concepts are right or wrong. There is simply an acknowledgement that they are not the essence of who/what you are.

Do you really think that as a 4 year old you were thinking about having a big house, or a fancy car?? Well, some of us may have, but even then, who do you think put this idea into their heads in the first place? Most likely the parents. And what about the parents, who do you think put this idea into their heads? And before that? and before before that?? Huh?

As we all know, mini-human beings have a tendency to ask the 'Whys', the 'Hows', the 'Where from'? And so should YOU!! Yes, still at your age, and more than ever, should you question everything you know. You would be surprised what kind of answers might arise.

Scene: A family at the dinner table, eating a spicy dish.

The Kid: “Why are chillies spicy Daddy?”

The Parent: “Because it comes from a chilli plant which is a spicy plant…”

The Kid: “Why are there spicy plants and non-spicy plants?”

The Parent “Because of the diversity in Nature”

The Kid: “The Diver... But Why? Where is this coming from?”

The Parent: “Well… it came along with nature and later on Man started what we call Agriculture”

The Kid: “Oh.. and Who was the first man on the planet?”

The Parent: “Some explain it with the Darwinist theory of evolution”

The Kid: “The Darwhat..? But What was here before Man?”

The Parent: “Dinosaurs”

The Kid: “And before that?”

The Parent: “Finish your plate.”

How wonderful mini human beings are. And how “forgetful” big human beings have become.

Most people tend to ignore who they are today because they forgot who they were originally. The “kid’s soul” gets easily lost in the process of Life - one loses the connection with the core of one's Being and forgets that one can reach back to it any time.

As a human being drops the layers of blinding beliefs, a World of Knowledge & Ancient Memories comes back to Mind.

~Aline Be.


As we grow older, it is regarded as being childish & irresponsible to be innocent and to find joy, wonder & amusement in the simple things of life; when in fact, it takes great Wisdom to be able to seize each day & to look at life as if seeing things for the first time, as if everything was anew all over again.

So what if from now on, instead of taking for granted the things you know, you tried to put on the eyes you had when you were 10 years old and asked yourself - Why am I doing this? Who really wants this? Where is this 'Need' coming from?

This process will allow you to look deeper within yourself and to eventually start Seeing more clearly. It will help you realise that the real YOU, the one that sits behind the scenes, behind the mask (still not related to conditioner Brenda) of your Comedia Del Arte character, has nothing to do with any of these 'Wants'.

Questioning the things we do and wondering why we actually do them is a great way to break the loop of conditionality and to start drawing your very own path of life in a more conscious way.

Believe NOTHING, no matter where you've read it (even here), or no matter who said it (even if it's me), unless it agrees with your own common sense.

~ Buddha Tips

Question Everything you think you know and you will start uncovering Your Own Mystery.

The Song - "My Mind is for Sale" by Jack Johnson





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