5 interesting facts about babies

Of course we don't think babies are useless... And of course we think they are cute little things... But you have to admit that quite often they are just whinging & pooing machines that can drive you insane!! So Why do we keep on producing them? Surely they must be good at something...


Okay, maybe not a boozy one, but that's all it takes though - One Second. One second, and the whole creation process is set in motion. One second, and your life has you knew it has become a long gone memory. One second, and it is not just about You anymore. ONE second, that's all it takes for your life to be changed FOR EVEEEER... Aaaaaah!!!

Because Yes, unlike the unnecessary tenth pair of thongs you've just bought, Babies can't be returned. We've tried. Doesn't work. So while the thought of having a mini-You trotting in your backyard seems very cute, maybe think twice, no, twenty times before getting yourself this new frock because, that you like or not, this One will stick with you for a looooong time...

Obviously all the words that follow have been written in the Spirit of Love. Love for all the Parents in this world who are doing a fantastic "impro-job" every day, and of course, Love for all the Babies - born or unborn, social or anti-social, cute or "interesting-looking" (C'mon, they're not ALL that cute) - who are giving the parents the inspiration to do so. But more specifically, we are saying these words with profound Loving-kindness for our "Adorevilable" nephew, Mr Owen, whose cute little feet are peacefully posing in the above picture. (Photography by Grandma Gaga)


Okay, they're cute and all, but let's be honest, most of the time they are just pooing & screaming machines that will make you go out with your shirt back to front, your hair like a pile of greasy noodles, your feet in a tasteful mismatch of black & white socks, and your body covered with poo in places where nobody should ever have poo on! All of this, for at least the first 6? 12? 18 months? Years?? So Whyyy? WHY do Babies keep on appearing on Earth??

Well, just like waves emerge in the ocean, so does Life on Earth. It is the intrinsic creative urge of Nature to arise & pass away, to create & to destroy, to spring & to decay. Birth, Life and Death are merely the emerging, rolling on, and the merging back of individuals waves in the ocean of Existence. And the same way nothing new is born when a wave emerges in the ocean, neither is there when a new form manifests itself on Earth. So maybe instead of trying to answer the unanswerable 'Why-whys?', we should focus on answering the 'What the hell do we do Now?'

This Existence of ours is as Transient as autumn clouds. To watch the Birth & Death of Beings is like looking at the movements of a Dance. ~ Gautama Buddha


By the power of Awareness & Understanding, you shall kick Wonder Woman's little arse! That's right, time has come to put on your SuperCape (or bathrobe), and DO the job. You know what they say, "The Thinking is the hard part, The Doing is easy" (Sure... you might say). Well, that's if we "Do the Non-Doing" in Awareness of course, not just "Blindly". How? By simply bringing Conscious Acting into the equation thanks to your SuperVision, your SuperHearing & your SuperThinking. What does that even mean?? It means that if you realise that This, this whole event, is your chance to observe first hand how a human being evolves, how it changes (constantly), how it is wired up, and how we can connect on a deep level with another being, you will be able to bring some Lightness in the process and allow yourself to watch things Be.

Carrying a life inside of you and/or raising a baby, can be a huge opportunity for a shift in awareness to happen, so don't miss out! If you put your SuperGoggles on for instance, you will see that all the changes that have been happening at the physical level are also happening at the level of consciousness. Should you be the mother or the father, biological or non-biological, welcoming a life into yours will undoubtedly create a chemical reaction inside of you, one that should leave you with a sense of deep connection with yourself & your baby, but also with other human beings.

If you zoom-in even closer, you will also be able to see that giving Love & Attention to someone is actually magical, and can make you feel very much Alive. You will start seeing for yourself that placing somebody else's needs above yours can bring great joy & intense gratitude, both ways. And while the realisation that it is not just about You in this Life is taking place, it is also the opportunity for you to let your compassion expand, not just inside the household, but all around.

So really, one way to look at this whole thing could be that, not only do you give birth and/or welcome a baby, but you can also get "reborn" in the process;) Which leaves us with this thought: Maybe Babies aren't so useless after all...

And The Day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the Bud was more painful than The Risk it took To Blossom ~ Anais Mills


Is it Conversation? Not really. Entertainment? Maybe for 5 mins, but after that, Boooooring... Then what is it? What do they do apart from doing Nothing? Oh... hang on, could it be that Babies are simply good at Being Who they Are? And could it be then that Babies are actually useful for shedding some Light on Life for us? Hmmm... Who's really teaching Who then?