5 efficient ways to de-stress

As we've all heard by now, Stress is a disease-generator factor that has taken a royal place in our so-called "advanced" societies... But who says we cannot take a break from it? Or even better - what about we finally kiss it (and its so-called irreversible damages) a huge goodbye and start embracing a new way of life?

First thing first, know that this post was written before any Coronated Cells decided to go on an awakening mission around the world. So obviously the topic of stress was more directed to our busy live-styles in general, but obviously again you can also now use these tips for any stressful situations you are facing right now such as: forced free-time with your family, being stuck on a beautiful island, being paid and not working etc

Now let's get to it - Stress is a choice. Well, it is a parasite AND a choice. Yes, it is. And we can either let this parasite creep up on us and eat us alive, or we can decide that we will not let that thing take control over our lives. Once we’ve made that conscious decision with ourselves, we can then use these 5 easy ways to make it go away!


Yes, even if you are the President or the Queen of Big & Huge Pty Ltd, you still can put things into perspectives. Because guess what? The world isn't gonna end if you do not send that last email at 1.00 am in the morning, or if you do not tell Brenda to photocopy June's last sales report. See, as human beings mounted with huge egos, we tend to believe that the world could not exist without us in it. Well, as much as we would love to be able to tell you that this is true, it actually isn't. It would certainly be a sadder place, but it would still be there regardless. Now don't guess us wrong, we're not saying that you should throw everything out the window and start lazying on your couch all day long, not at all. All we're saying is that, there is a middle way. A peaceful middle way where things still get done, but without the extra I-need-to-get-it-out-asap-or-i-will-die touch that we usually add-on. And so next time you feel a wave of stressful thoughts rushing through your mind, pause for a minute, count down 5-4-3-2-1 and tell yourself "Tomorrow is a brand new day, it's 11 pm at night, this paper can wait".

As for the current situation, the same advice applies - put things back into perspective for a minute. Ask yourself this question "what is my state of health right now?" if the answer is "Good", then enjoy! Be grateful for this healthy body of yours right now. Be fully in this moment with your healthy body and wait until tomorrow to worry about what might (or might not) come up. And if the answer is "I have symptoms" then tell yourself this "I CAN fight this!". Because YOU CAN. The virus is not strong, it dies really quickly and is only here to wake us the hell up. If you believe that you can heal yourself, then your cells will respond. Now more than ever, is the time to engage in a serious conversation with your body and to talk to your cells. They are nothing but Intelligence at work. Speak to it, express clear intentions to it and cooperate with it.


It might sound a bit too "Woodstocky" for you, but you would be surprised how powerful a quick walk in the grass without shoes can be. As body organisms emanating from the very earth we walk on, our cells and nerve endings of our feet respond in great ways to any contact with the beautiful soil, grass or sand there is on offer all around us. Yes, even if you work in the city, you can definitely go to a park during your lunch break and take your shoes off. I used to do that all the time when I was working in Sydney or even Paris (yes, I dared walking bare foot in the Fashion Capital...). Try it next time and see what happens. You could even go crazy and close your eyes while you're at it. Connecting with the earth, with our roots is a beautiful and powerful way to awaken the silent pool of consciousness that lies in the background of your being.


Obviously not a list of all the things you haven't done yet (because that would just be like throwing a gasoline tank on a burning fire - a total disaster...) No, we were more thinking about a list of all the things you did accomplish and all the things you are grateful for. So next time stress is creeping up on you, take a piece of paper (not your scribble app on your phone for a change) and write down 5 things that you are grateful for at your workplace for instance (like the amazing chats you have with your fav' colleague, the quality of the paper in the printer, the incredible diffuser in the bathroom, the softness of the carpets... anything you can think of really). And yes, there are some things to be grateful for, even at work.


Yes, yes, yes. You've probably heard that 500 hundred times, but it's simply because it's true!! Breathing deeply is a VERY POWERFUL tool. Every time you feel overwhelmed, panicked or like you're about to throw your computer by the window - take a DEEP BREATH, inhale peace and exhale anxiety. Why do that? Because bringing your attention back onto your breath is a great way to find your centre again. It interrupts the incessant chatter of the mind and allows you to re-balance the right & the left hemisphere of the brain. When we breathe consciously, not only do we step out of the crazy world of the ego-mind, but we also re-enter the beautiful realm of the universal consciousness. And so the more you repeat this little trick throughout your days, the more you will be able to face any challenges that come your way in a calmer and more centred manner. Breathing deeply and consciously isn't just for the yoga-pants-wearing-junkies, it is one of the most powerful and free tool we've all been granted at birth, and now might be the time to start using it to your advantage.


As much as it is tempting to think that we are the prime actor in the play, it might be useful to start re-thinking this approach by witnessing & observing rather than over-thinking. I know, easier said than done, right? But the truth is, if you take that little voice in your head too seriously, you will miss out on enjoying the ride of Life with lightness & greatness. So maybe next time, instead of believing The Voice who is telling you, "you can't do this" or "you can't trust them", or "you will get sick". why not trying to get out of your own head, and to step back a little. Observe the thoughts, note that it is your mind who is messing with you, allow it to do so for a bit, but know that it absolutely does not reflect who you really are. Becoming the witness of this Play will help you immensely in distinguishing what's real and what's not. So when your mind goes for a wander in the spiral of MadWorld, stop it right there and tell yourself "This is not the reality of who I am", these are just thoughts passing through the sky of my mind and they shall vanish too.

I know that our fast-pace societies don't really support the slowing-down of things method, but I can assure you that in the long run, slowing down is what will take you faster to where you want to be. And I'm not just saying this because it sounds cool and looks great on paper. I'm saying this because I've personally experienced working in big cities, performing stressful jobs and noticing the benefits of stepping back and using the concrete tools mentioned above. It helped me (and still does) to feel more grounded, more centred, and to face challenging situations in a calmer & more serene manner.

Life is not about finishing first, it is about enjoying at last.

With Love,

The WTL Team