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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As my whole life went "Down-Upside" in 2013 (after experiencing a "slight" shift in awareness, let's say), I noticed a "strange" thing started to happen... I was no longer accumulating unnecessary things, relationships or foods, but instead I was drawn to clear up my giant Life's drawers, from Top to Bottom & Bottom to Top - and Oh My, what a sweet feeling that was! And so today, I wanted to share with you 3 easy ways to De-Clutter, not just your living-room, but mainly your mind-room, which is by far the Master Room of all. Wanna know how? This way, follow me...

Clutter is anything un-finished, un-used, un-resolved or dis-organised.

When we hear about De-Cluttering we usually think about clearing up the mess in our bedroom, cupboard, drawer, garage etc, and rarely do we relate it first to the clean up of our Master Room - the Mind. But truth be told, both are intrinsically linked and taking care of the latter, will naturally activate the clean up of the formers, and vice versa. So Where do we start?


You've probably heard this one many times before, each time thinking to yourself "Yeah right, how is that ever gonna happen with me?" And I get it, I mean, I did too have my years of owning 3 (10...?) different Zara handbags, just to be sure that I would always have one that matched the colour tone of the day... That's right, you can never be too sure with fashion thoughts, in the evening you think "Tomorrow, mustard jumper!", and as you wake up in the morning, you have this image of Natalie Portman in your head, wearing a beautiful Old Pink dress and BOOM, all your Handbag plans fall out the window, just like that! Okay, I might be pushing it a little bit too far here (or am I?), but you get the picture right? We ALL have this tendency of accumulating things that we don't actually need. For you it might be magazines, comic books, video games, empty bottles...? Yes don't laugh, this can happen. But Why? Why do we do that?

I'll have a guess and say that it's probably because we have a fear of lacking, or a fear of not looking good enough, or a fear of letting go of things and/or chapters of our lives, or all of these fears at once (good luck with that..). And so as we regret the things/moments that have past, or do not enjoy the ones the present is offering us right now, or simply doubt the episodes the future can hold for us, we clutter our Mindroom with unnecessary worries & fears, and our Bedroom with unnecessary items that no longer serve us or never really have in the first place. So How do we get out of this pattern, you may ask?

Well, maybe we can start by acknowledging that the things we pile up in our life are simply a substitute for Love. Not romantic love, but the love of One's self, the love of Life. Or by realising that filling up our cupboards with foods, clothes, gear, books, empty bottles (yes, again), is nothing more but a subconscious attempt to fill up an illusory void inside. Why illusory? Because ultimately there is no void or hole. Only a Whole that we unconsciously (or inadvertently) forget as we let the haze of the conditioned mind blur our vision, year after year, after year. And so one way to come out of this Pile of Shite, is to go "IALA"! Identify the pattern, Accept it, Laugh about it, and take Action. Small steps, one bag at a time, but the important thing is - TO DO something about it. You could for instance check-in with yourself & your stuff every 6 months or so, and see if there isn't one thing or two that could go visit The Red Cross and bring some renewed joy into someone else's life. And if it's too much for you just yet, you could just try to go through your cupboards and make 2 piles - one pile is "To Keep" and the other one is "I put this aside in a rubbish bag and if in 2 months I haven't touched anything in there, I will give it all away". Do You think you can do that? Come on, let's do it. This could be your very first step on your Attachment Recovery Journey. But ultimately, you could also simply start asking yourself these questions "Do I really need to buy this? Why do I want to purchase that magnetic bottle opener again?" And as you will start repeating this new pattern again & again, eventually there is no doubt that you will come to the realisation that Less truly is More. You will see that, as you clear up the passage ways of your home & mind, you allow the energy of life to flow more freely into your Being & your Environment, making room for bigger things to come into play - such as Creativity, Joy, Contentment and Love.


Huh? Not literally, just through a breathing technique called Breath of Fire, which is a type of pranayama (breath control), used in Kundalini yoga. Also called Kapalbhati or fast breathing, the purpose is to increase Prana (Life Force, subtle energy) in the body. In Breath of Fire, the rate of respiration is increased to roughly 100 to 120 breaths per minute - the inhalations and exhalations are deep and of equal length. It is a very powerful purifying & cleansing breath that can reboot the nervous system and bring serenity into your being in a heart beat (ok, maybe 10).

I've added here a quick video to show you how to do Breath of Fire.

Please note - if you have any cardiac problems, respiratory infections or are pregnant - do not try this technique! Thanks ;)

The Clearer the Mind, the Cleaner the House

With Breath of Fire we exhale & inhale the air rapidly, creating a giant vacuuming system that clears up the lungs, the blood cells, and any stagnant energy stuck in our body-mind organism. As we do that, we de-clutter our mind-room and create space for renewed Life Force. Breathing consciously is a magnificent way to cleanse both body & mind. It helps to get rid of toxicity, physically and mentally, allowing you to appreciate even more the things you have and the moments you are experiencing. So to sum it up, Breath of Fire is a very powerful way to clear up your mind-space, bring yourself back to your centre and to ground you in the present moment. With repetitions, a new found peace will set in, and the frenzy anguish of buying, accumulating, attaching, and overthinking will eventually vanish. The more grounded you will be within yourself, the less you will "need" (distractions, attentions, things, foods etc).

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.



Before my being switched into "conscious mode" I had no idea I was attracting toxicity into my life. I just thought "Oh nooo, why is this happening to ME, agaaain?!" - completely oblivious of the fact that I had probably a little (lot?) to do with it. How? Well simply because I was carrying around a shit load of toxic thoughts, conditioned patterns, unresolved family issues etc etc etc. But you did not know, I hear you say. No I didn't, but now I do. And so now I can share about it, and hopefully this will help someone, at least one person, to stop going in circles in their lives, thinking the world is a shitty place where only shitty things will happen to them. Because it is not true. And un-tangling yourself from toxic situations, thoughts, people, will prove just that to you. So How do we tackle this one?

Well let's see, a little check up on your current relationships could be a good way to start - boss, friends, family, partners, pets... - where are you at with these at the moment? Has everything been said that needed to be said? Is there any ounce of resentment anywhere? Are we still dreaming that we are marrying our mummy? Clearing up our communication with people is a very efficient tool to de-toxify our mind and life in general. Once a thought has come out of your mouth, it doesn't take up space inside anymore, and it allows the mind to stop its frantic loop of overthinking. The effect might not be instantaneous, or a short term one, but at least it is a start. If in the process you were expecting a certain type of response or reaction and did not get it, then this will most likely re-ignite the fire of the ego-mind and the infernal internal dialogue will start again. So you might want to add a little bit of "non-attachment to the outcome" in the mix, in order for the effect to be a tat more satisfactory.

Another efficient way to de-toxify and de-clutter your life is to ask yourself some honest questions - Why am I in this situation? How did I get here? What choices did I make? Can I choose again? Who is really that person for me? What does he/she actually represent? What am I learning here? Have I seen this scenario before? Could it be that I am stuck in the loop of conditionality again? (who talks like that?? Well...maybe me). Anyway, you get the point - pause and ask yourself some questions, real questions. For years I stayed in a situation of discomfort, not knowing any better, not knowing why I was stuck there and/or that I could choose differently. But today I know. I know from experience that nothing, but I mean NOTHING happens randomly in life. There are indeed some heavy baggages that we all carry around on our backs and that stop us from flying high up in the sky. But as we start identifying these behaviours and thoughts patterns, we can shift the energy around them, and our vibration changes tune as well. I know it's not easy, especially when we have no idea that such patterns exist. But now you do, and I can assure you that it is possible to extract yourself from them. One moment of awareness at a time.

One last tool I will talk about today is the Family Karcher Therapy. That's right, a good old intensive clean-up of the ancestors pipes AND current family plumbing. We've just talked before about how to clear up the air with people and situations, well in this one we are more focused on the Family Tree and how emotional baggage can be passed on from one generation to the next. Yeah, maybe you thought you already had enough on your plate in this life time, but sorry my friends, there is also some shite that requires your attention in some form of inter-dimensional plan (don't ask me more), and that won't go away unless you take a quick peek at it. I'm not saying you could not live your life without getting into this, just simply pointing out that it can be very helpful to identify what has been going on through generations in your family. Some time ago, I went to see a specialist in trans-generational "baggages" (don't google it, that's not the real name of his profession), anyway, this guy explained to me that according to the dates of births and deaths in the family tree, we can be directly linked to one of our ancestors AND his/her emotional baggage (traumas, life experiences etc), which could partly explain the set of cards we were given at birth and the experiences we are facing in this life time. He also talked about family patterns that get transmitted through generations and that can burden us until the end of times (is that even a thing?), unless someone identifies the patterns and start doing something about it. So basically, if you wish to massively de-clutter your mind, life, entire existence, you might want to consider digging out some graves in order to find out what kind of cool trauma Aunt Louise might have had for you up her sleeves...or skull.

The transformation might not happen overnight, but with the accumulation & repetition of all these little awareness exercises, you will undoubtedly release some stuck energy in your body-mind organism. Personally, it helped me to better understand why & how I experienced what I experienced in my life. It allowed me to reveal some deeply ingrained conditioned patterns, and to liberate myself from them by de-constructing some solidly built beliefs systems. We can ALL do that, nobody is an exception. All it actually takes to initiate a profound change within you, is your willingness to feel better, your willingness to break the vicious circle of conditionality, and your sincere willingness to be at peace & happy. Is that what you want? Then start here and now :)

So here you go, 3 simple ways to start de-cluttering your Life:

  1. Apply the good old Less is More (to your mind & house)

  2. Try out the Breath of Fire (without passing out)

  3. Dig out the old family skeletons (and bury them back)

Ultimately you can also burn some Sage, from which emanates a beautiful & cleansing scent that will have an immediate effect on your state of mind. Human beings have used sage for its cleansing and medicinal properties since times immemorial. Many believe that the smoke can purify a space and chase out negative energy. The plant exudes a fantastically therapeutic aroma when steeped, burned, or smelled in the wild. Try it out and see what happens!

Or you can also learn a few more tricks on how to de-clutter your personal space by checking out our new section on Feng Shui, right here.

Thank you for reading!

With Love,


My view on Feng Shui: don't put your bed in front of the door because you won't get in.






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