• Aline


Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As my whole life went "Down-Upside" in 2013 (after experiencing a "slight" shift in awareness, let's say), I noticed a "strange" thing started to happen... I was no longer accumulating unnecessary things, relationships or foods, but instead I was drawn to clear up my giant Life's drawers, from Top to Bottom & Bottom to Top - and Oh My, what a sweet feeling that was! And so today, I wanted to share with you 3 easy ways to De-Clutter, not just your living-room, but mainly your mind-room, which is by far the Master Room of all. Wanna know how? This way, follow me...

Clutter is anything un-finished, un-used, un-resolved or dis-organised.

When we hear about De-Cluttering we usually think about clearing up the mess in our bedroom, cupboard, drawer, garage etc, and rarely do we relate it first to the clean up of our Master Room - the Mind. But truth be told, both are intrinsically linked and taking care of the latter, will naturally activate the clean up of the formers, and vice versa. So Where do we start?


You've probably heard this one many times before, each time thinking to yourself "Yeah right, how is that ever gonna happen with me?" And I get it, I mean, I did too have my years of owning 3 (10...?) different Zara handbags, just to be sure that I would always have one that matched the colour tone of the day... That's right, you can never be too sure with fashion thoughts, in the evening you think "Tomorrow, mustard jumper!", and as you wake up in the morning, you have this image of Natalie Portman in your head, wearing a beautiful Old Pink dress and BOOM, all your Handbag plans fall out the window, just like that! Okay, I might be pushing it a little bit too far here (or am I?), but you get the picture right? We ALL have this tendency of accumulating things that we don't actually need. For you it might be magazines, comic books, video games, empty bottles...? Yes don't laugh, this can happen. But Why? Why do we do that?

I'll have a guess and say that it's probably because we have a fear of lacking, or a fear of not looking good enough, or a fear of letting go of things and/or chapters of our lives, or all of these fears at once (good luck with that..). And so as we regret the things/moments that have past, or do not enjoy the ones the present is offering us right now, or simply doubt the episodes the future can hold for us, we clutter our Mindroom with unnecessary worries & fears, and our Bedroom with unnecessary items that no longer serve us or never really have in the first place. So How do we get out of this pattern, you may ask?