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Wake Up to Life provides you with amazing remedial & relaxation massages, as well as energy healing sessions. We also have some pretty cool Combos: "Massage + Reiki", "Yoga + Reiki" and "Yoga + Massage" where together, we will take things at your own pace, one breath at a time.

If you are a man or a woman with zero experience in Yoga and/or Energy healing, these packages are for You!

For a Happier & More Balanced You!

  • $59.50 | Month
    Wake Up To Life
    Our Mindfulness Membership gives you access to all our Services and Products at a discounted price! T&Cs apply.
  • Inquire For a Date
    30 mins - $70
    This treatment is an express 30 minutes remedial massage where we will focus on one area of the body to ease up tensions.
  • Inquire For a Date
    60 mins - $105
    This treatment is your usual 60 minutes of full body remedial massage where all your soreness and tightness will be addressed. Through Remedial Massage Therapy your body can finally release the accumulated tension in the deep tissues & fascia.
  • Inquire For a Date
    60 mins - $120
    Enjoy 60 minutes of pure delight where all your senses will be awakened (third eye included). With a combination of Ayurvedic Oil Massage & Magical Healer Hands, your entire Being will be left feeling replenished and fully awakened.
  • Inquire For a Date
    30 mins - $55
    This treatment is a 30 min energy work session where both body and mind will be put at ease. With very little to nil hands-on work, our practitioner will connect to the energetic fields in & around your being, and allow the stuck energy to flow again more freely.
  • Inquire For a Date
    45 mins - $80
    This session is an exclusive 1 on 1 private yoga class where the focus will be around you, and just you. As we go into the practice, we will take things at your own pace, one breath at a time.
  • Inquire For a Date
    1h - $111
    MASSAGE + REIKI - This bundle is the perfect combination for anyone who wishes to restore their energy flow and clear up blockages. We created this package to allow both your Body & Mind to fully relax and enable the energy healing treatment to work at its best.
  • Inquire For a Date
    1h - $111
    YOGA + REIKI - This bundle is a great combination of Flexion & Connection. It is perfect for anyone (male or female) who is wanting to feel better both in their body & being but are shying away from Yoga Studios and/or energy healing whoo-hah stuff. Try it and see the difference for yourself!
  • Inquire For a Date
    1h - $111
    YOGA + MASSAGE - This bundle is an exquisite combination of Communion & Relaxation. It is perfect for anyone (male or female) who does not know anything about Yoga and seeks pampering & grounding both at the same time.

Can't Decide Which One?

Here is some info that might help you make your decision


The Yoga + Massage Is For You If:

  • You're shying away from Yoga studios but still want to know what the fuss is all about regarding that "Dog" thing

  • You feel like your mind is going in all sorts of directions and cannot seem to stay focus

  • You are guessing that you are out of alignment both physically & mentally, but have no idea how to get back to the centre


The Yoga + Reiki Is For You If:

  • You would like to explore the effect of energy flowing both while moving your body physically and also when lying down immobile

  • You feel uninspired, tired, sluggish, both physically & mentally, and would like to re-boost your energy levels

  • You have never experienced either Yoga or Energy work before, and are curious to learn more about it

  • You feel overworked, tensed, or like a 3 tonne truck has just run all over your body

  • You are experiencing both physical pain & mood swings and wish for the entire world to just go away for 5 mins (or 5 years)

  • You just want to not think for 2 hours, be taken care of and let the magic do its work


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