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Group Immersions

Group immersions

Powerful experiences in a safe environment

What's on and When?


Sound Healing

Friday 28th Oct | 10am

- Sound Healing to Connect with your Inner Child-

Follow the lead of Christina guided meditation and Sound Bath to access the child you were once.

Make space to contact, listen to, communicate with, and nurture your inner child.

This can help you to recognise that our behaviours as an adult stem from our childhood experiences. Inner child work focuses on addressing our unmet needs by reparenting ourselves.


This kind of self-discovery helps us understand our behaviours, triggers, wants, and needs.



Child's Pose

Shake Night

TBC - NOV 2022

Shake Night is a 90min event where Dee will introduce you to Trauma Release Exercises. TRE® is a simple yet innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma.

Dee will guide you through various physical & mental practices to assist you in releasing suppressed emotions and traumatic experiences stored in your body and mind.



25 DIY Valentine's Day Decorations to Pump Up the Passion.jpeg

Bloom Creative Workshops

Friday 9th Sept | 6.30pm-7.30pm

Let’s get excited people, The Bloom Creative Workshops are out!!!

Through the months of October & November, Dee will be taking you on a magical Creative Journey at Wake Up To Life:)


With 4 workshops, tons of inspiration and a splash of “Dee-vine” intervention, we are in for a Mindful Creative Ride and fun.

This are the perfect opportunity to create unique and thoughtful gifts or decoration for your own house. 😁

Night Bloom-Fridays 21.10 & 11.11 |  6-8pm

Morning Bloom -Saturdays 29.10 & 19.11 | 9-11am




Wakeup To Life organises or co-hosts group immersions on a regular basis. Here is the list of our upcoming group immersions. If you need more information or wish to register your interest, simply contact us here.

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