The Just Yoga

JUST YOGA - This Corporate Bundle is designed to offer your team a regular private Yoga class in the comfort our beautiful Studio conveniently located on Marine Terrace. The practice of Yoga has been proven to increase vitality, creativity & confidence levels. Try it and see it for yourself!
The Just Yoga

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About this Package

The YOGA Corporate Bundle offers your team a powerful way to re-energise both their body & mind.

This package includes a 60 min private Yoga class for up to 11 people.

Ultimately we can also make you a proposal where Wake Up to Life comes to your premisses with all the required equipment necessary for the conduct of these sessions.

Please do not hesitate to inquire for specific dates - we will try our best to accommodate you. Want to explore some more corporate options? Have a look at our great Bundle "The Booster" right here.

The Team at Wake Up to Life is looking forward to working with you!

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