Bundle of Joy

YOGA + REIKI - This bundle is a great combination of Flexion & Connection. It is perfect for anyone (male or female) who is wanting to feel better both in their body & being but are shying away from Yoga Studios and/or energy healing whoo-hah stuff. Try it and see the difference for yourself!
Bundle of Joy

Duration & Price

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1h - $111

About this Package


The Bundle "Yoga + Reiki" is a combination of Communion & Connection. In this package you will experience an exclusive one-on-one Yoga session followed by the power of an healing treatment. 

This combo is perfect for anyone who seeks grounding and healing, both at the same time.

Please allow more than an hour to have the time to unwind after the treatment.

If you would like to increase the time of treatment, drop us a line!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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