Two sisters in the Being whose "Soul" purpose is to help you live a Brighter, Lighter and Happier Life - here & now. With Love, M & A.

This is us, Maëlle & Aline 




Wakeup To Life

Maëlle & I created WTL because we wanted to help people, whenever we could, to live happier lives. Our Corporation operates both in the Northern & Southern hemispheres. We collaborate with helpers such as Ayurvedic Practitioners, Hypnotherapists, Yoga Teachers, Solution Focus Practitioners, Coaches & more! Together, we try our best to serve the greater good of humanity (with a good laugh, always).


Because we have ourselves (and still are), undertaken/ing transformational experiences, and have felt at the core of our being the calling to share some insights about these realisations & observations.


ANYONE. Any human being (male or female) who is looking for happiness, lightness & brightness on a daily basis. It is especially for YOU, who are shying away from Yoga studios, Meditation classes, and/or believe that Life sucks and that it's just the way it is.


It is in a spirit of Love & Fun that WakeUp to Life is born, and we are truly looking forward to meeting with you, sharing with you, and growing with you!

Love and Gratitude,

M & A

More About Maëlle

Hi, I'm Maëlle (to be pronounced "Mah-L"). My main occupation at the moment (besides taking care of my beloved 3 year old son Owen) is, Remedial Massage Therapist. But because I'm always eager to learn new skills and challenge myself, I have also added to the fun of my repertoire, a Reiki Certificate (Master I), a Yoga & Meditation training, as well as the magical experience of being the Co-founder of  WakeUp to Life. I am thrilled to have you here on the platform, and I am thrilled to be where I am today in my Life (and I have come a long way to be able to say this, believe me). I cannot wait to share with you some insights & experiences! Thank you again for being on this page and I hope to meet you soon.

More About Aline

Hi, I'm Aline (to be pronounced "Ah! Leen"). My main occupation (besides being the lucky "Tata" of my beloved nephew Owen) is, Multipurpose Solopreneur. Never heard of that? Mmm.. maybe because I just made that up. I do not actually have a label for what I do. Let's just say that, after experiencing a massive "Bing Bang" through my being 7 years ago, I started doing a lot of different things. To sum it up though, a usual week tends to result in something like this: creating websites, writing articles about Life, sharing some Yoga moves, listening deeply, experiencing fully, helping wherever I can, and last but not least, being the Co-founder of WakeUp to Life, which is kinda of pretty cool thing to be part of! It is a real pleasure to serve and help wherever I can. I thank you for being here today and I am truly looking forward to meeting you in person, wherever that might be on this planet!

Key Dates

1981 & 1983

Maëlle & Aline's Arrival on Earth


Maëlle & Aline's Arrival in the Southern Hemisphere


Past Conditioning being shaken up

April 2013

Massive Big Bang in Aline's Mind


Intensive Farming - Planting Seeds Everywhere 


Owen's Arrival on Earth


Multiple Explosions in Maëlle's Mind

2019-Present Time

Blossoming of the Seeds - Manifestations in Place

White & Green pale

White & Green pale


When the time for CHANGE will come, you'll KNOW it. 

And our PATHS will CROSS, We KNOW it.

See You Soon!

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